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Superfly - Trampolinpark

  • 23rd April 19, 3.30pm
  • Price: 5€
  • 16 free

Superfly Duisburg is the biggest trampoline park in Germany. Experience more than 3000 square meters full of trampolines and obstacles and keep jumping.

Enrol Available until 23rd April 19, 3.30pm


  • 2nd May 19, 1.00pm
  • Price: 17,5€
  • 7 free

Come with us to Mönchengladbach, where we will enjoy the heat of a paintball skirmish in an arena that has an postapocalyptic flair!

Enrol Available until 2nd May 19, 1.00pm

Racing at Daytona-Carting

  • 11th May 19, 10.00am
  • Price: 20,5€
  • 2 free

Do you like speed like we do? Then we won't explain what carting means! On the above mentioned date you can take part in a race, starting with a 5 minutes quali and two main races 20 minutes each with a pause in-between. Feed your need for speed!

Enrol Available until 11th May 19, 10.00am


  • 25th May 19, 11.30am
  • Price: 6€
  • 12 free

The round thing must go into the square thing. 14 playing fields - one aim. Score a goal with the fewest possible kicks. Challenge accepted? For more information: or by Email:

Enrol Available until 25th May 19, 11.59pm

Indoor Sky Diving 4 in Bottrop

  • 26th May 19, 6.00pm
  • Price: 15€
  • 4 free

Learn the Body flying and turns during Flying. This Flight time is longer than during real skydiving from 13000ft.More info or email:

Enrol Available until 26th May 19, 6.00pm

Canoe Trip

  • 15th June 19, 1.00pm
  • Price: 9€
  • 2 free

Discover Ruhrgebiet‘s most beautiful side by doing a canoe trip. Come and join us on an adventure with many rapids, boat slides and much nature! More information: or Email:

Enrol Available until 15th June 19, 1.00pm